Rats Heap The Cairn​/​/​Rain Drinkers

SSC18 40 minute cassette x 50 + digital download


In addition to a bold union of choice ambient music, this split cassette marks three new directions for the handmade label, simeltaneously. shifting sands congregation announces it is now a collective, as it has always intended to be.


mandolins and violins are tuned the same.  Kazdin lives in Arizona and he’s full of vitality.

cassettes and new design direction.



Wyrding – Agony In Being

SSC18 double business card 3”cd-r + digital download code

x 20


“A funereal echo emanates from deep within the abandoned outskirts of Antigo, Wisconsin.

Hidden among the rusty detritus of a long-since boarded up pea canning factory you will find the Tiki Room, and nestled within its hundreds of Polynesian idols and unused bar ware resides our mournful heroes, Wyrding. A group of reunited childhood friends, Wyrding set forth to take the slow, agonic sounds of the early Finnish “funeral doom” sound, translated into a lyric-based “word ritual” setting. Performed entirely on acoustic instruments, that is to say, stripped of their predecessors’ volume and bombast, Wyrding concentrates on the style’s essence: raw emotion, atmosphere, and a distinct concentration on melody. A play on the old word for “fate” or “destiny,” Wyrding’s celestial, doomed folk sounds were derived from an aleatoric re-arranging of words, using chance to define structure. It was fate, nay, Wyrd which reunited these wayward souls, and it was Wyrd which defines their unique, mournful sound.”

– Jon Rosenthal


Brett Hartl
Troy Schafer
Antigo, WI

Joel Shanahan performed acoustic guitar on the opening of (disc 2)
Joseph Taylor performed wood flute on the conclusion of (disc 2)

US –  paypal $6.66 to troyallenschafer@gmail.com
Elsewhere – please contact me first


SSC17 business card 3”cd-rx50


slipping from Stars forsaken in little Nightleaves

the Chain untaut sings against the sky

and the Stars black-fleshed will take the Soil


schlupf auf Sternen verlassen in kleinen Nachtlaub

der Kette unstraff singt gegen den Himmel

und die Sternen düsterkonkretisiert wird die Erdreich nehmen


Val Dorr
Troy Schafer

text and translation by Val Dorr

nachtlaub2 nachtlaub1 nachtlaub3

Conjuror – Left Hand Path Of The Conjuror

SSC16 3”cd-rx50/4.7”cd-rx50


Recording in solitude for years, the Conjuror finally emerges from the charnel grounds of Madison, Wisconsin with six pieces of deep droning metamusik alchemy constructed for total sonic trance immersion.

Recorded 2011-2013
Ian Adcock- Synthesizer, Keyboards




Rain Drinkers – Urthen Web

SSC15 4.7”cd-rx50


We are proud to reissue the well received 2011 release, Urthen Web. Dani Schafer‘s  design for the original cassette tape has been reworked to a dimension that holds this 4.7″ CDR. With a standard white disc in poly sleeve, the simple manner of presentation is cohesive with the band’s highly sought after series issued via Reverb Worship.

As the mighty Brave Mysteries stated, “Rain Drinkers is the duo of Wisconsinites Joe Taylor and Xavier Kraal, creating evocative chamber music that flows through a wide range of contrasting movements with a cinematic ease. From spaghetti western-esque horn arrangements through hypnotic electric piano dirges overcome by adept hand drumming and delivered unto comforting cosmic resolve. Moments bring to mind an ecstatic yet equally patient take on the early Popol Vuh albums, but radically dynamic and steeped in a wide variety of organic atmospherics and fidelity. Another kindred vision is a specifically northern and wintry rendering of the soundtrack to Jodorowsky’s “El Topo”. Unknown to majority of the sonic voyager scene in the midwest, for the last two years these isolated mystery men have conjured and realized an inspiring new world of spiritist sound and we are proud to present this document as a small window into their astounding pocket of the universe.”

Take note that the original 100 cassettes sold out quickly. This hand numbered CDR edition is exactly half that size.

 photo urthenwebreissue.jpg

Jivas – Rats In The Organ

SSC14 3”cd-rx50

Manipulating electric signals as a performative event, dronescape duo Jivas once again dive deep into their unique brand of textural storytelling. This document is a sonic remembrance of the lives and deaths of rodents nesting inside an organ within the home of said performers.


 photo JivasPile.jpg

 photo StockPhoto.jpg
Jacob Zeldin
Joel Shanahan

Madison Wisconsin